Vengeance and the Night

Yeah, I know. You were expecting a short introduction to Maxwell, and one that was ostensibly written by him. Well, I finally had enough of his procrastination and decided to do it myself. Oh, by the way…I’m Maxwell’s brain. 

Though we’ve just met, you can trust you’ll get a much more accurate description from me than if he would’ve sat down at the keyboard. As you can see from the photo he chose for this page, he thinks he’s Batman. Would you actually be able to believe anything he said about himself? He really does go around saying, in his best attempt at a low menacing voice, “I am vengeance; I am the night; I AM BATMAN!” Sheesh. What a ham.

Perhaps that tells you everything about him in a nutshell. Whenever someone says to him, “You’re craaaaaazy,” he likes to reply, “No, I’m not. My mother had me tested. I’m derange-y!” I think I’m beginning to believe him. 

Many of you reading this will have known him for quite a while, so you’re not learning anything new. However, I know some of you are going to want the basic facts found in most bios. He is Mississippi born and bred, and glad to be a “suthun” boy. He graduated in 1983 from the best high school in the state and is, and always will be, a proud Pearl Pirate. After a few years of meandering, he got a degree in graphic design from Missisippi College in 1993. 

In a development much to the surprise of myself and most folks, he met his sweetheart in 2004 and married her in 2006. And obviously, she hasn’t killed him yet!

And now he’s decided to try his hand at a blog. Well, he’s always been a fount of opinions and hasn’t been shy about sharing them. *sigh* What terror has been loosed on the internet?